At the Paris Auto Salon 2014, Mercedes-Benz presented a new trade show concept.
The distinguishing element was the ’Silver Flow’: a dynamic, 3-dimensional sculpture constructed from silver metallic fins.

We produced a motion design package and realised the post-production for three product films that featured three vehicle models. In so doing, we utilised the media screens as virtual and dynamic extensions of the ’Silver Flow’, and thus were able to integrate the product films into the booth’s architecture to great effect.



Watch Feature Film AMG GT

Watch Feature Film C-Class T Model



Client: Marketing & Sales Mercedes-Benz Cars (MS/MAF)

Lead agency: Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt

Concept for media content and presentation: Atelier Markgraph & Monomango

CD Monomango: Lois Kainhuber

CGI: Jan Weber, Tim Stolzenburg, Nino Matthey, Vinzent Britz

Music & SFX: Olivier Fröhlich

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