What might be a suitable environment to present a device that’s all about artificial intelligence? Of course, a Sci-Fi Super Mall, where you immerse yourself into futuristic visions of communication and entertainment. Interactive and responsive photo installations, a virtual record store in which you can participate and create real time personalized music, a VR booth to join virtual parties, a futuristic diner and a whole lot more.


For the launch of the Google Pixel 2 we joined forces with Sunst Studio (spatial concept & design) and Boiler Room (music curation & AI record label) to bring exactly this to life. The hero piece we created within the mall was all about the ‘Intelligent Camera’ feature and was called ‘Pixel Portrait Studio’ – a photo playground consisting of five massive media walls standing in a row in the center of the space. One side of each wall was equipped with a mirrored surface, the opposite side with a responsive generative graphic installation, which formed the individual background of your personal image. We wrote an application and designed a UI to make the Pixel 2 devices communicate with the installation while using the Pixel 2 native camera app. The captured images were processed by a custom algorithm which added glitch effects and several graphics, as well as the Pixel records logo to the image. These generative and highly individualized record cover designs appeared immediately on a massive virtual record shelf (LED walls) within the pixel record store area but could also be picked up by the guests as physical record sleeves in record boxes.


But the guests not only took an empty record sleeve home with them. Of course they found a vinyl record in it. The music on that record was created by several algorithms developed by Boiler Room engineers and were based on short audio samples that could be submitted by the guests at a special recording booth. The software development, UI design as well as the data processing was, among many other tasks, on our list, while creating this very complex Sci-Fi Super Mall experience.


Client: Google Germany GmbH

Agency: The Adventures of

General Experience Concept: MONOMANGO & SUNST Studio

Interaction Concept: MONOMANGO

Spatial Concept: SUNST Studio

Creative Direction: (interaction&media) Lois Kainhuber

Technical Director: Tim Stolzenburg

Producer: Alex Watson

vvvv Development : Christian Mio Loclair, Marta Soto, Robert Leonhard, Doris Brunschweiler, Johannes Schmidt

Motion Design: Nino Matthey, Julio Clavjo, Jan Weber

Tech Partner: ICT

Set Construction: Studio Babelsberg

Veröffentlicht am: 04.12.2017 in: event, projection mapping, projects