Premium X 10th Anniversary


PREMIUM X – 10 Years of Premium Exhibitions

The key visual for this year’s campaign is the Roman numeral ’X’. Using it as our basis, we developed a graphic grid, encapsulating all the campaign key visuals from last ten years. Once again we designed all media, including the magazine, flyers, posters and online tools.

An exclusive dinner for Premium’s friends and collaborators took place during the Premium party.

The location was a decommissioned underground station underneath Potsdamer Platz. We created a 30m long video installation that was projected on both sides of the underground tunnel and produced a film entitled ’10 Years in Artworks’, which functioned as the highlight of the dinner and which showcased the campaigns from the previous ten years.


Client: Premium Exhibitions GmbH

Agency: Monomango

Creative Director: Lois Kainhuber

Art Director: Peter Großöhme

Motion Design “10 YEARS IN ARTWORKS”:

Jan Weber, Jonathan Margies, Kristian Raue

Editing: Olivier Fröhlich

Music: Olivier Fröhlich

Veröffentlicht am: 23.04.2013 in: fashion, projection mapping, projects