TV Spot

The Wilthener bitters ingredients consist of a wide range of mountain herbs. So we built a fully CGI-based mountain landscape to stage the bottle’s pack shot  in the appropriate environment.

Then we developed those two sweet little marmots, appearing behind the rocks. Our little friends are also created in 3D, and after a demanding tweaking process concentrating on their fur and movements, we achieved this lifelike result.

Of course the bottle itself and the moisture on its surface is CGI as well. That’s how we roll!


Client: Wilthener-Hardenberg

Agency: Red Rabbit Werbeagentur GmbH

VFX Producer: Lois Kainhuber

Art Director: Meike Grosch (Red Rabbit)

Motion Design 3D-pack shot: Tim Stolzenburg

Motion Design 3D-marmots: Lars Krüger

Motion Design 3D-plants/herbs: Jan Weber

Nuke Compositing Artist: Lois Kainhuber

Sound FX: Olivier Fröhlich

Veröffentlicht am: 03.08.2012 in: commercial, projects